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use that can each a third-floor winnoo. the neet truck showed up a few minntes later. but in a case like this... evvry second is -3crrciaa. 3 3 city officials have said they have a big iipact on response times. buu firefighters disaaree. more on thht part ten.livv frrm city hhll... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at tee. 3 political ccnsultant julius hhesoo rettrns to the witness - stand in his election fraud trial.aad as john rydell tells & giving &pjurors...a much differenn explanattonof why he created thatelection night robo-call. -3 johnn 3 juliusshenson...flatly -3 "deeies"...that the call...was bback...voter ttrnout. instead...he ccals it's "message"...'reverse.... &ppsychololgy.'
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hennon...saas he wascalled by 3 election day.and he was told to suggested...thatgovernor o'malley...hadalready won. 3 put what'sknown "authorrty"lineeat the end of the calllit's requiied & by inform voters... on ehrlich camppign chief...pauu schurick...andhis assistant...greg massoni. -3 3 (henson) "he heerd the test call, massoni heerd the test on it so he didn't wwat it, if that call was incorrect they had an opportunity o say 'hey, wait a minute, let mm put an authhrity line oo this call.nobody ii thaa cammaign dii that." 3 paul schurick wasconvicted of 33 wrap up... sometime this week.john rydell, fox 45 news at 5::0. 3 3pbreaking news... out off.. ashington... / áátheáá associated press.../ says.../ áátheáá c-i-a... ttwartedda quaada's affiliate... in yemen .../ to... - destroy.../ a...
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u-s bound ... jet... around... theeone year anniversary.../ of... osamm bin laden's ddath.../.ááu-sáá officials say...// the... plot... involved an upgrade.../ of... the... unnerwear omb.../ that ffiled... aboard a plane.../ over detroit.../ christmas 2009.../.ááit'sáá not....yet clearr../ would-be bomber. al-qaidaa../ &preleases... chiiling video.../ of....a.../ 3 who.. . átheyá... say.../ willlbe... illed.../ ááiiáá presiient obama... doesn't agree.../ to... its demandss demands. pe's.../ 70-yeaa-old... warren weinstein.../ ááaáá.../ humanitarian... aid.../ from ...rockville, in pakistan... for - a .../ virginia.../ consulting firm.../ &p when... hh was takkn .../ 3 august...///.ááhisáá captorr... ant the reeease .../ of... all prisoners.../ chargedd....ith crimes.../ tied... to... al qaeda.../ and... the taliban....///ááincludinnáá... those held...// at... guantanamm bayy../ ááweinstein'sáá captors... aso want .../ all... of....osama bin laden's relatives.../ p in... u-s custody.../ p3 "we obvioussyyremain very very -3 well-being of mr. weinstein. we have called and continueeto pall for his immediate releaae." release."along... with his -3 plea.../ to...
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the president.../ & also ...spoke direct his wife -/ & letting her kkow .../ & that... hees.../ physically kay. 3 tto washington county teens were killed driving home from the prom saturday night. 3 theee is a teadd streammof mourners at the acciient scene &pon rench road in williamsport. rendan colliflowwr was an & all-county aseball plaaer. samantha kelly... annall & county volleyball player... the two williamsport igh school seniors wentt o the prom...together, saturray, and -3 on the way homewere killed in a car crash. p3 (girr)we should be remembering the after parttes and the prom pictures in stead we are mourning over..two deathh" (matt mccenzie)"its just tragic.. (pause) terrible cant believe somethinn can happen like this" 3 police ay speeddwas a factor in the rash.... investigators &presults to determine if pnything else played a role... 3 balttmorr city olice havv he was hit by a arc train on may first in the white marsh area.26-year-old árobert eyá
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of middlesexxroad was walking south aaong the tracks when he was truck bybthe 100 mile-per-hour trainnnear northeass creek rooa and schaefer lane. 3 funeral arrangements...// are... finalized.../ for... two women killed.../ after... a shooting.../ - at... an... ellicott city -3 chhrch. 3 members .../ chhrch.../ held... &pa... sunday service.../ áájustáá steps away ...from where...// brenda brewington ../ ann... rev... .dr..../ mary-marguerite kohn.../ - werr killee..../. áátheáá two... wwre hot... by a... homeless man.../ - who wassoutraaed .../ when... heewas told.../ he... would ...hhve to plmit... hissvisits.... -& to... theechurch.../ food pantry..../// p áábrewingtonáá 3& ááreváá . &pkohnn.. died... ovee the weekend.../ ááheráá orrans... will donated. & 3 "mary-margueriteewas one of kindest people, she never turned anyone away, ven in &pher death, throoghhher organs, the kknd of woman he was." wws." the funeral .../ for... rev..kohn... will be held... tomorrow... at three.../ at... the ...incarnation in baltimmre.../ áááervicessá for brewington ...will bb & johnsschhrrh in ellicctt city... thursddy at 1130.
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3 howard county police arrest and charge a columbia teen with six ases of arson. 3 a cargo trailer resultinn in &pp00-thousand dollars worth of - damage..ooica was arreeted durinn a joint surveillanne operation conducted by authorities ann s charged with arson, malicious burning charges. 3residents innoneebaltimore - county neighbbrhood are stunned after racist graffiii is left on theeside of a home. -3 it haapened around midnight in nottingham... fter residents ccmm home frrm a trip to thee store...nd spotted the n-word on the sidd oo a neeghbors residentt are left puzzled..wwodering why someehinn like this would happen in a eighborhood -3 that's so diverre. -3 3 "never have we experiencedd 3 extremely uncomfortable yyu kknw to say the least. and im just im innim in awe im in shocked that someone would go that."one neighbbr added that all maiiloxes only on one side - of he street had black markings on them, that smelledd
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&pand looked like motorroil. pooice haae no leads but are continuing to investigate. 3 students in baltimore city haven't been more exciteddthan they werr today... to finally attend school. many parenttsand students came -3 out today for a ground-breakkng ceremony at the site of the new baltimore designnschooo on the corner of parclay nd federal streets. the 26 million dollar project creates a public school for ggades six to twelve. 3 "this is a tessament to our vision to the young people's interest in desiig and the desire to be creative and we 3 working team for the future." future."renovations won'' be coopleted unttl march of next year.... for now the school is operattig ii a temporary location on wwnsson avenue. 3 pay is motorcycle safety and marylanddmotor vehicle association is getting the 3 watch for riders. 3 the past yeers... motorcyclists remain higher than ever.that's why the m-v-a
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&pis doing everytting ii can to &peducateedrivers and rrders... reminding drivers to watch for motoocyccists and using motorcycle trainees for future riders.officials at the m-v-a -3 say more than 50-peecent of the ime an accident beeween a mmtorist and rider.. is the driverssfault. & 3 "when youutalk aaout muutiple vehicle crashes, a car andda motorcycle, it''spredominnntty the operator of the car that's 3& proups can do theer part to try to avoid crashes. sometimes what we're seeein & accident reeorts,,crash statistics are that riders are not perceeving their - environment properly and ttey're not taking the proper action to avoid a crash." crash."maayland fatalities in - 2010 were the lowest since 2003.....but the number of total crashes and injuries has noo declined at the same rate. 3 if you havennt already 3 takiig you a bit further
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between trips toothe gas statton. ptaaion.the verage price for a gallon of regular unlladed is down mooe than 12-centssin the pass month..he nationall 3 in maryland .... we are sitting nearly 10-cents lower.... at 3-76.but it is not all good news.oil prices aae down because the market sees economii weakness in -3 europe and the u-s. p3 we can help you find the best gas prices in your baltimore dot com slash pump patrol 3 hoo are the roads looking tonight? tonight?brandi proctor has our trafficcedge report. report. mappwhole 3 cityccmp-balt natt pike comp-harrisburg expycomp-83 n at
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3 nnrthmap-ax eddondson 3 3-& p3 preeiient obama officially hits the campaiin traal.which state hees puttiig mosttof his focus oo nnw. and a dream come a young boy got to udition for idol judgee tephen yler. &p 33 3 --adblib weather tz--
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3 we'rr only six monthssbefore the general election...buu preeident obama and his rrnning mate...mitt romney are already picking up momentum. 3 both campaigns criss-crossed each other in virggnia last these two states many think wwll determine thh road to the white house. 3 "now, after a long and -3 spirittd primary, the republicans fooud a nnmiiee who has prooised to rubber stamp this agenda if he gets the chance." chance."president obama has visittd ohio more than 20 times since taking office....rrmney has & campaigned there at ass 6
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times in the last 90-days. & 3 russia's vladimir puuin starting his third term as presiient...prooising washington he will not tolerate what he calls "interference" in his countryys "internal affairs." theeinauguratiin comes a day after an opposiiion protest pttracted more ttan twenty- thousaad people.riot police peat back tte crowds with batons and detained more than four-hundred people. putin wws first ellcted - president in two-thousand ... him n power until & twenty-eighteen. - 3 if you could meet one celebrityy.. who woold you choose and what would you ay during the meetiig? -3 meeting? -3 3 ooe critically ill child from rhode island wanted to chat -33 with a world famous rocker.for todayys lowdown....candaae -3 pold shares the storyybehhnd -3cole graae'' wish. wish. -3 3 cole is battling aarare and aggressive type of brain cancer called grade four gleo-blastomaaevery day is a struggle for him.. but e was able to take a break for at least onn day.. thanks to steven tyler.cole race is
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aerosmith's umber one fansot: nah nah anh nah nats: &paerosmith nah nah nah nah -3 sot: myymotter loves steven tyler so he practically got me into himbut the real rockstar isn't juus steven tyler but chhle who stayed times since january. his mother tookkhim to the doctor &pand got some terrible newssot: we just thought it was a flu type of thing and 3 us expected that we werent goinn to bb leaving the doctors the day that we went in chloe stayed in the hhspital for hree months ann -&pwent through ore than 20 hours of surgery. whiie he was in the hospitaa, ccole add a wishh sot: to sing walk this &pway ith sseven tyler one day chole as told to wwlk itt a room.chole
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and his sister got the surprise of their lives when steven ttler appeared on a giant screen through kyye sot: sister: chole screeched nnts: screechanddthen cole got haven't been a lot of kids that you have et that havee sung walk ttis way with hii you can see steven aan the rest of the crew on aerican -3 idol on wednesday and thursday at 8-pp here on fox45. i'm candace dold and that's your lowdown. 3 energy drinks may give you a needed bbost... but accorring to a new study... they may -3 alsoobe doing a lot of harm to yyur teeth. teeth.researchers say... the same is true for sports drinks. &ppublisheddin the "journal gennral dentistrr"... finds that the bbverages can damagg cavities. but the american beverage association objects to theestudyy.. saying ii wws 3 doesn't mirror reality. 3
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3 he sustained a devastating injury fighting for his country... but it didd't stop him from fulfilling a dream. the goal he reached thissmonth. -3 3 3 --adblib weather tz--
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3 life-changgng day... for former marine... and... wounded warrior ...mike jerrigann.../ áájerriganáá &received... his college diplomaatoday.../ was... serving in iraq .../ in....2004.../ -3 ááwhenáá he stepped ...on... a... road-- sidd... bomb...// that... left him... with a .../ major... brain injury....///ááhe'sáá also blind...///. ááwitháá support... from family./ . ááespeciaalyáá... wife leelie.. / pursue.../ a.. histoor degree ...att../ univvrsiiy of souuh florida.../ saint pete...//áágraauatingáá with.. .a... 3.87.../ g-p-a.
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"it was the discipline that ii received ii the marine corp thht mental discipline that pelped me push through." &pthrough." & 3 3 3"my ifeehas been there everytiie i've wanted to quit my wife haa been there to for."now.. a... college grad.../ jernigan ...will go to work... at.../ ásoutheaaterr páwhere áá pe'll... be a community... outreach coordinator. 3
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3 when neww
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3 breaks.. you can ccess the
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3 your cell phone. download the fox45 mmbble news app for your droid or i-phone. -3 it includes headlines.. traffic.. and weather ccnditions.. all att your fingertips. go to foxxaltimore dot com and look -3 for "mobile" at top riggthand -3 corner of the creen. 3 3 a ccmic book wedding.tte impreesive tiiles the bride pnddgroom have given phemselves.
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3 vo roll cue: "buzzing about ,
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3 chris davis" 3 sot roll cue: "108 3 yeers" -3 3 chris davis: "i haddabout 0 texts affer the game from people just iving me a hard pime aboutti should've been -3 pitching this whole time and the usual stuff. you know, everybody told e that they pere proud of the way i hung the team's been playing."adam jones: "iiknow beer stopped selling in the 7th inning and that was about three and a - just sitting there dry. i would've been frustrated too. 3 phey have chants goingg it's part of ffnwwy. crazy -3 game but it wassawesome." 3
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3 --tosssto vytas-- vyyas-- -3 3 3 -3
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3 two... ccmic book 3 "story book" wedddng.../ at.. .a... north carolina ...comic book... shop..-3 3&padam ábatmaná mason and donnita áwonder womaná johnsonn &ptraveled t wilmington from 3 commc book ddy.the couple got engaged last week... and at - phe last minute deccded to o ahead and get married at & fanboy commcs.nevermind the fact that bbtman can't marry & wonder woman... that'ssjust silly. 3
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3 that'ssall for fox45 news at next.and we'll be back tonight thh late edition at 11... 3 later. yeah, well getting your house painted can be ... expensive. so to save money
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we just hosted troop 303's team-building exercise. sfx-sound of paint splattering on wall there's an easier way to save. geico. home security systems can be really expensive, so to save money we actually just adopted a rescue panther. i think i'm... shhh! joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody doing today? thank you all for coming.


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